HeroZero bot software!

  • Multiple languages

    Multiple languages

    understand everything

    Our HZCrusher offers you a system for multiple languages, to understand everything what you see. Currently we can offer you three languages like German, English and Portuguese. But we try our best to offer more languages for everyone!

  • Automated control

    Automated control

    only set it tup

    This bot software will do everything for you, fully automated. You only need to configure each account, so the bot knows what they should do for you and what not. Everything else is easy too!

  • Unlimited accounts

    Unlimited accounts

    one software, all accounts

    With our software you only need to start it once. You can add as many accounts as you want - and configure each individually. It's as easy as it sounds!

  • Do missions

    Do missions

    without intervention

    Our bot selects missions with most experience, most coins, lowest time or a quest which has the most from everything? You can choose instant finishing missions or recharging energy too.

  • Do duels

    Do duels

    attack other players

    You need more honor and have no time for it? Our HZCrusher will attack other players fully automated too. Team members will not attacked if you want. You can exclude other players too!

  • Go work and train

    Go work and train

    for more money and skills

    Everything else is done? Nothing to do? Then our bot can go work for a predefined time! If the HZCrusher can go train or everything else again, it will do it right after the work!

  • Heroics and items

    Heroics and items

    finish and change

    Heroics will finished right after you have got them. If you got some new items our bot will compare it and equip them if they are better! But we have some more, nice features!

  • Support forum

    Fast support

    with a nice community

    With our HZCrusher you will get exclusive support directly from the developers in our forum. But many times our community can help you too, we have much helpful people!

  • ...and much more!

    Software updates

    new features and bugfixes

    HeroZero got some new features? We try to integrate it as soon as possible in our software! New servers will be supported right after they are started - if not you can report it in our forum!